Experience a truly unique way of learning


To be the best you must train with the best

Want to learn what it takes to be named Cosmetic Tattooist of the year?

Danielle has created her training courses to encompass all the world wide knowledge she has acquired over her 11 years working as a Cosmetic Tattooist. This is the most comprehensive training available today. What is different about Danielle's approach is that she will not only be teaching you the how, she believes it is imperative to the success of her students that they understand the why to equip them with the ability to choose the correct tools, materials and methods to successfully perform treatments on all skin ages and types.

It is typical of many trainers today to be teaching their students simply how to emulate their work instead of giving their students the why which is necessary when considering that all of our canvases are unique. This approach will inevitably leave you frustrated and unhappy with the results of your work and seeking further training or quitting all together.


Many facilities will train in large groups in classroom settings where you may not feel confident to ask questions. Danielles personal approach with only two students per class, set in her private studio, will have you feeling confident enough to ask the questions needing answers with ample attention to make sure you understand an are confident with your information.

The training setting will give you a close look at the behind the scenes operations of a fully working studio.

Danielles manual and technical training is so packed with the practical information you will require to set yourself apart in the industry as a highly knowledgable and skilled technician.

It is my aim to create a new industry level of Cosmetic Tattoo artist within Australia. One to be trusted and admired for their instant professionalism, advanced skills and ethics.

Once you become a student of Danielle's you will receive lifetime support. 


I found Danielle after searching high and low for someone of her calibre in the cosmetic tattoo industry to learn from, after regretfully spending a fortune on training elsewhere. My first training was preformed by a "nationally registered training organisation" which may sound impressive but actually means very little in terms of the quality of training you receive. It was basic and had little regard for the finer details or quality required to really achieve a level of skill necessary to be confident to work on clients. Danielle saved me. it was so refreshing to learn from someone as passionate, highly experienced and dedicated to her work as she is. She sets the bar high and knows how to deliver the very best to her clients and students. I have high standards myself and it was disheartening to see and have to accept the poor results in my initial training, having a role model and mentor to look up to and respect is a game changer. Thank you Danielle for sharing all your hard earned knowledge! we need more people like you in the industry.

Jana - @janaskinnersmp

I did lip blush training with Danielle. She's exceptionally knowledgable it was great to compare notes and discover new tricks and tips. She aligns herself with the best training in the world, favouring Russian techniques. She has a focus on natural looking cosmetic tattooing, shying away from old school methods, while embracing the relevant and unchanging foundations of the industry. As a result from training with Danielle, I now love doing lips (which I had formally found quite difficult due to old school methods). I highly recommend her as a trainer. She's not afraid to challenge the way things have always been done and loves to break the rules. Now I break a few myself ;) thanks Danielle, may all your dreams come true.

Tracey - @irresistibleme