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Cosmetic Tattoo Corrections

Cosmetic Tattoo Correction – If you are not happy with your current cosmetic tattoo, you may be a candidate for a cosmetic tattoo correction treatment. With my in-depth knowledge of all things skin and tattooing and 10 years experience, I will assess your area of concern and provide a correction plan. Colour, shape and intensity can all be corrected with the right knowledge and expertise. Please note, not all cosmetic tattoo treatments can be corrected. Laser Tattoo Removal & or Non-Laser Tattoo Removal may be advised prior to a correction. A consultation appointment is required to determine suitability. If a tattoo is suitable for correction, a quote will be provided at the consultation appointment.

before and after - Cosmetic tattoo correction and removal

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TIP #1

1 Ask to see their qualifications:

  • Do they have certificates of qualification?
  • Did they learn in a 3+ month course or a 1-7 day course?
  • When was it completed?
  • Have they continued their education since?
  • How often do they update their skills?
  • Do they have proof of further education?

TIP # 2

2 Must Haves

  • Do they hold current Public Liability and Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy?
  • Do they have certification of completion of an Infection Control course?
  • Do they have a current Council Licence for Skin Penetration?

TIP # 3

3 Clinic/Studio

  • Evaluate the cleanliness/presentation of their rooms.
  • Are they using disposable needles/attachments? Ask to see.

TIP #4

4 Pigment/Ink

  • How many colour options do they have?

There should be at least 10-15 colour options for lips, 10-15 colour options for eyebrows and 2-4 for eyeliner.

  • Where are they getting their pigment from?
  • Do they know what is in them?

TIP #5

5 Are their documents and consent forms professional and organised? Does it explain all information for and against cosmetic tattoo treatments?

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