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your brows but better

You are unique, and so too should your eyebrows be.

My unique approach in technique selection and procedure execution will leave you with the most undetectable eyebrow tattoo treatment, feeling confident you have YOUR best brows ever.

During a thorough consultation, I will ascertain what it is you are trying to achieve from your new eyebrows and discuss and help you decide on the best technique for you. I will then draw a template that you will have an opportunity to adjust to your desired shape. Once your perfectly unique brow shape has been achieved we proceed onto colour selection. Once chosen, the treatment then begins. You will receive an aftercare kit and your 6 week follow-up appointment will be scheduled. 

Powder eyebrow tattoo - before and after
powder eyebrow tattoo - before and after


  • Soft Powder – Pencil make up look

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Suitable for all current eyebrow “situations”

  • Most gentle technique on skin

  • AKA: Ombre, Mist, Shaded.

  • Best for covering old micro-blading

  • Lasts 1-3 YEARS 


Soft background shadow effect or a darker and more defined make up look.

I have been performing the powder eyebrow technique for over11 years and still firmly believe it to be the best option for long term cosmetic tattoo eyebrow lovers.

  • Lasts 1-3 YEARS


Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo - before and after
Hair-Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo - before & after


  • Latest European technique

  • Result may vary ie crispness of hair-stroke.

  • AKA: Nano brow, hair-stroke, 3D.

  • Not Micro-blading

  • Lasts 6-18 months


Following your natural hair growth pattern adding fullness to the brow, achieving the most undetectable result.

The "textured hair-stroke" eyebrow tattoo technique is one of the latest eyebrow tattoo trends to come out of Europe. A great starting point in your cosmetic tattoo eyebrow journey, this hair-stroke eyebrow tattoo treatment will leave you with the most hyper-realistic results while being super considerate to the integrity of your skin

  • Lasts 6 months - 2 yrs


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