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3D Nipple & Areola Tattoo - before & after


Suitable for all patients who have undergone breast removal surgery and or nipple reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Soft natural shades of colour are used to create the most realistic 3-dimensional effect nipple and areola. A healing period of at least 6 months after surgery is recommended before proceeding with this treatment.

For prices and more before and after pics please email

Scar Camouflage Tattoo - before & after


Different tattoo techniques and skin tone colours are used to achieve a result that blends seamlessly with the surrounding skin, significantly reducing the noticeability or whiteness of the scar. Please note, this treatment is not suitable for all scars. This is not a permanent tattoo, retouches may be required. I can darken a light scar, I cannot lighten a dark scar. A consultation appointment is required to determine suitability. If an area is suitable for a scar camouflage tattoo, a quote will be given at the consultation appointment. POA

Saline Tattoo Remoival - before & after


Gentle non laser tattoo removal. A tattoo machine, with a single-use disposable needle is used to deposit a saline solution into any unwanted cosmetic tattoo treatment. The saline tattoo removal treatment is also used to reduce the intensity of an existing tattoo treatment when a correction is required. A consultation appointment is required to determine suitability. If a tattoo is suitable for removal/lightening, a quote will be provided at the consultation appointment. POA

Tiny Tattoo - body art


Fine line and delicate tiny tatts to cover scars or just because....


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