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Your ultimate gloss 'n' go solution

Lip Tattoo - before & after
Lip tattoo - before & after

The most gentle, fastest healing lip tattoo treatment available


Fast becoming the new favourite cosmetic tattoo treatment, add fullness and definition to your lips with the quick healing lip tattoo treatment. Replace missing colour from faded, uneven, sun damaged lip lines with a soft natural Lip Line & Blend or change your whole lip colour.

During a thorough consultation, I will ascertain what it is you are trying to achieve from your new lip tattoo treatment. I will then draw the outline guide that you will have an opportunity to discuss and adjust. We then proceed onto colour selection. Once chosen, the treatment then begins.

A micro-pigmentation specific cosmetic tattoo machine, with a single use disposable needle is used to deposit pixels (micro dots) of pigment in a subtle air brush effect, covering the entire lip with a natural or intense shade of your desired colour with no visible lip line. With over 40 colour choices to mix and match your own personal lip colour, the options really are endless.

  • Lasts 1-3 years

After the treatment, you will be given after care instructions and a personal after-care pack with all you need to best take care of your new investment.

For optimum results and longevity 2 sessions are always needed for all new treatments.

Your 8-14 weeks adjustment appointment will be scheduled at the end of your initial treatment appointment.

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